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Do you keep meaning to sort out your will? We can help you.

Posted by Andrew_Smith on Thursday 21st of March 2024

Life is busy, we get it. But is anything more important than being in control of your future? Recent research* suggests that only 44% of UK adults have made a will, which means that you’re far from alone if you haven’t yet got around to completing what, for some, appears to be a daunting task.

It’s always worth bearing in mind that if you die without a will, the law decides who inherits everything you own (your assets) according to certain criteria called ‘intestacy rules’. So your assets may not be divided up as you would like, meaning you...

The effect of psychology on investors

Posted by Andrew_Smith on Thursday 21st of March 2024

You should base financial decisions on logic and facts. But psychology can have a much larger effect than you think, and it can lead to you making decisions that aren’t right for you. Read on to find out more about what behavioural finance is and how it could affect you.

“Behavioural finance” was first coined in the 1970s by economist Robert Shiller and psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. They used the term to refer
to how unconscious biases and previous experiences affect the way people make financial decisions.

It can be used...

It’s important to take a long-term view

Posted by Andrew_Smith on Friday 1st of March 2024

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How Does Your View of Independence Affect Your Return On Life?

Posted by Andrew_Smith on Thursday 25th of January 2024

Independence is an important value to all of us. It's also a value that's central to how we feel about and use our money. When we feel financially free, we can make a wider variety of choices, pursue our passions, and find our ideal version of work-life balance.

 As we head further into 2024, ask yourself how these three areas of financial independence are affecting your planning and how to get more Return on Life going forward.


1. Career independence.

 Very few people can say that they are totally free in their careers. "Independent" ...